Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Harvest then halloween...

Well the harvest came in. I'll post the details tonight. Got full GP for the day, it cycleed round to amateur yesterday. I only got 1920gp. Mind you I'll need to craft a new stack of mercury. Put the extra 2 stacks of mercury up on the AH. Took care of the chocobo. Went to bed.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Woot, finaly got it. 1.5 mil later and this bad baby is mine ^.^

Not much else to report. My ls is for all practical purposes dormant once again. Thanks to Cinna. And my not being online enought. Oh well.

Note: if you don't take your chocobo on walks she doesn't get hungry at all.

Now that I have a little more time to type... Had a realy good party on friday night. Ran into Lysette from Allakhazam, Dudemanly again. Not particularely fast but with a distinct lack of stupid people it was enjoyable in the extreem. Saturday and Sunday, not a lot of time so mainly gardening (fed all 40 with dark crystals) -> chocobo care (not doing much, just keeping her fed and happy since I've got all the story elements till juvenile (I'll probably get the hankercheif at some point although I don't need it). I've discovered that if you don't bring your chocobo on walks (and deplete it's stamina) it stays at completely full. Haven't had to feed it in two days.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Not a lot of time: More housekeeping.

AmberChaos: Not much, got the story so don't actualy need to go on walks. Worm paste and Vegy paste for food, Currently doing walks arround town.

Alchemy: Holy Degen, bought for 31k, made the holy water and synthed the degen, turned in for 5.6k GP. I've decided to buy individual memories that I run into on the AH. Bitter: max 500 gil, Fleeting: max 1k gil, Malevolent: max 500 gil.

Mensur: Still none on AH, it's been almost a month -.-;

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Crafting heavy evening.

Well after checking for the Mensur, I decided to get some crafting done, so mucho moving of stuff from mules, got 15 more tweaked oak lumbers done, bought the GP item, got the worm and more veggy paste done and took care of AmberStorm. Not a bad evening all round. Lot of boogy-ing arround though.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Not much to say, took care of the gardening, took care of the GP (little expensive but wth), took care of the Chocobo (got first story, and took care of the sick -bo). I then warped to jeuno to put some stuff on ah and check for Mensur.

Prety good night all round, although short as hell.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And Amber Storm has hatched.

Prety good evening all round. Managed to get all the mules gardens planted. Had my chocobo hatch (damn, going to need food tomorow). Managed to get 2 meet ups with Chaos. Haven't decided which crystal to use yet. got full GP points for the day. Still no Mensur. Started the harvest festival thingy. We'll continue that tomorow.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Big Bangs.

Strangeone's person was gone this weekend. He was off in the canadian boonies with a friend, at his gun club. Only comment: We blew the rear sights off his S&W 44 Magnum... (repeated firing of factory magnum loads, and some "hot" reloads, had obviously loosend the screw that holds in the sight resulting in the sight and the screw going flying. We got lucky and found the screw...)

Quite the exciting weekend.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Finaly Some Progress (or I hate the dunes)...

Well I managed to get some exp on Summoner last night. Went from level 12 to level 15 (200 tnl). This was one of those "replace the bodies as they log" type of parties. The first few hours were fine. But then we got some pseudo-highlevel types. You know, the ones who say they have x jobs over 30 and a level 75 job...

Rant time.

Look I don't care how many times you say you've been thru the dunes. If you pull bone headed stuff that any high level should know better than to do, I'm going to assume some things about you. Either a) you're a liar, or b) you bought your account.

Case in point: Hakupac from last nights run. Claims to be level 70WAR on another job. Has never pulled. Does not comprehend the concept of keeping an eye on the mage's MP when pulling without a PL. End result: first partial wipe of the evening. Only survivors: the two PLDs. Only redeeming feature: Brought the first PL. Can someone explain to me how anyone can reach level 70 as a WAR and claim "No one ever asked me to pull before"? Not once? Where you totaly blind when the pullers you have had in all those previous parties (and a level 70 implies you've been in a lot of parties) held back to let the mages rest? Words fail me. But by the standards of the dunes he was actualy prety good in the end. A little rough on the pulling but not the worst I've seen.

For my next case I'll explain a bit where I am in my leveling process: I have 6 jobs clear of the dunes (1 at 73, 1 at 37, 4 at 20). All the rest of my jobs are at the dunes levels (1 at 18, 10 at 17 and 1 that went from 12 to 15 in this party). This would seem to imply that I should have a very solid idea of the mob progression of a Dunes party. Which usualy looks something like this:
Lizies(Till 12ish)->gobs(till 14ish)->crabs(till 16ish)->flies(till 17ish)->gobs again(till 18ish)->Pugils(till you're sick of them)->off to Qufim. The ish part is because it depends on just how good the party is. Now if you aren't in a static or have 5 out of 6 from you're ls that you know are good players, your party won't be that great. Even with a PL you should stick to this progression as the kill speed drops dramaticaly if you push it too far. This is not a level 60ish party where if you suddenly pull a mob that's 5 levels above your normal prey you can handle it. This is not rocket science. Or bullshit. This is the facts of life and most resonable ffxi people know them. Check any of the good sites (alla or somepage) for any thread discussing mob progression in the dunes. You may get minor variations on the above but not often.

Case #2 of the evening and the cause of this rant. The following picture kinda sais it all. Just 4 little lines out of the logs for the evening (edited to remove the battle spam for your viewing pleasure):

In the end, having lost 2 of our fighters, the puller decided in his wisdom to call for help so the PL could finish it off. Yep would have been a wipe otherwise. Silverpyro's excuse: "I wanted to test the party and see how good we were". Note at the time the party was levels 14-15. This from a guy who claims to have 9 jobs in or past the dunes stage. Sorry but you're a noob if you pull shit like that (yes, I'm being polite). If you dont' remember what the progression is because you've been away from the dunes for months, then shut the fuck up and don't suggest anything. Dweeb.

Ok, that's it for my rant today.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hummm... AH musings.

I, once again realy wasn't on long. Just long enough to be killed by a Goblin Digger. Then hit the AH. Once again, no Mensur Epee. I'm beginning to worry I may see a spike in price once one hits the market. Hope not, budget is limited. I've also been looking at the price of memories. It looks like the most stable source is the ENM market. Unfortunatly that seems to be a mostly asian activity (god forbid someone gets in the way of the grinding NA's favorit cookie). Which means the day's supply of memory clusters is usualy bought up by the time I get to it. I may need to switch to a morning buying logon. We'll see.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ack! Internet withdrawl symptoms.

I was soloing in the highlands, and my ISP connection went south -.-;


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Monday, October 16, 2006

Well a weekend of not much.

I must be going thru a blah period. Didn't get much done, some mule clean up, some crafting for Alchemy skillups. Got to 12 in my SMN job. A prety slow weekend.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Wind Clusters and a new farming game.

Well I managed to get some farming done and harvested 10 wind clusters and some silk from the shak. I also came up with a new in-between weathers game. While waiting for new weather to appear. After getting rid of the 8 crawlers in the room on the way to the Eco warrior ???, you go back to the room and the tunnel up to the plateau area and check the 6 gobs. The game consists of trying to turn them all into a specific gob type. All 6 gobs are pool spawns where the pool consists of {Goblin Gambler, Goblin Mugger, Goblin Leecher}. Any of the 6 gobs can spawn as any of those 3 types. So the idea is to kill the ones you don't want and hope they spawn as the ones you do. The objective is to end up with 6 gobs of a particluar type. I was trying for Leechers lastnight. I started at 1/6 and when I decided to warp back to Jeuno I was at 3/6.

Still no Mensur up on the AH (;_;)

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not much, but I accomplished something.

I was only on for an hour or so last night. But I managed to get the 2nd stack of ram skins done (only have 1 left to synth to leather when I next hit Windy). Also got over to Tahrongi and helped Spishak with some blu spell learning (nope, as usualy Healing Breeze is more than slightly annoying to learn). I should be able to get some wind cluster farming done next time I log on.

Still no Mensur (;_ ;)

Hummm, after strugling with punctuation and emoticons, I've finaly decided that an emoticon itself qualifies as puntuation. So that resolves my strugle with how to punctuate after a sentence ending emoticon. Don't know how the rest of academia will react to that but screw em. They rarely use emotional content in their prose anyways.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yep another, "just enough time for the AH" post.

The title says it all. Still no Mensur... ; ;

Going to have to go get some wind clusters soon. Need to finish off the existing supplies of oak and get some anima made in preparation for the next batch of Warp Cudgels. Time to start shoping the AH for memories.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Loe, it was Thanksgiving.

Well, we can't say I don't have a life outside FFXI. I barely got on this extended weekend. Just enought to notate that I didn't miss picking up a Mensur Epee. Do a bit of light farming (man one ram droped 5 skins... /THF for the win). That's about it.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Gah! Ghosting drives is annoying as hell.

Strangeone's real life person is trying to ghost his fathers's old hard disk to a new hard disk. Windows is being Windows. That says it all. A limited number of monkeys could come up with a better operating system...

So again didn't get on much. Managed to get some cudgels crafted and up on the ah (5 of em). Surprisingly my chain mittens sold relatively quickly... So I put two more up on the AH. Managed to get a stack of iron ingots crafted. Went to my chocobo and decided to retire this chocobo. I'm going to wait for the expected October update to start my next chocobo. Hopefully I'll have bread ChaosStorm with JD's black chocobo and we'll see what we get. Otherwise I still have the quested egg

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Low Action Night.

*Sigh*, Weeknights are bad these days. Got some inventory moved arround in preparation for some crafting, took care of the chocobo and logged. -.-;

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Progress on the crafting front.

I'm not able to get on a lot lately. But I did manage to keep taking care of my chocobo and start in on doing some crafting with the objective of getting some crafts progressed. So smithing went from 26 to 29 (passed rank test). Also turned in some guild point items, now up to 26k. As soon as I get the 3rd meeting with brutus, I'll be retiring my chocobo. Be nice to be a little more mobile.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Sights and Sounds.

Woah, Strangone did notaru know thataru vanad'iel was soooo pretty. And the sounds! Oooooo, aaaaah.

As you can see, I upgraded my puter over the weekend. Major heart transplant stuff. I went from a 1.8 celeron pentium with 1 gig of 400mhz ram to an Itanium Core 2 Duo at 2.4 with 2 gigs of 800mhz ram. The graphics went from Nvidia 6200 to Nvidia 7600GT. Holy crap we're
cooking with fire now. Not an outrageous system upgrade per see, but the only things that stayed the same: The case, it's blinking lights, the floppy, the hard disk and the power cable. You know you've done an upgrade when it's easier to list the things that have not changed.

As far as vanadiel goes, got most of a level (smn11) late at night Saturday. Blood warped and took care of my chocobo on Sunday. That's it.

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