Friday, October 06, 2006

Gah! Ghosting drives is annoying as hell.

Strangeone's real life person is trying to ghost his fathers's old hard disk to a new hard disk. Windows is being Windows. That says it all. A limited number of monkeys could come up with a better operating system...

So again didn't get on much. Managed to get some cudgels crafted and up on the ah (5 of em). Surprisingly my chain mittens sold relatively quickly... So I put two more up on the AH. Managed to get a stack of iron ingots crafted. Went to my chocobo and decided to retire this chocobo. I'm going to wait for the expected October update to start my next chocobo. Hopefully I'll have bread ChaosStorm with JD's black chocobo and we'll see what we get. Otherwise I still have the quested egg

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