Saturday, September 23, 2006

More digging

Well this morning I got up early to do a bit of digging in the morning. 10 stacks of greens gave me the following results (all in Yuhthunga):
  • 17 Bone Chips
  • 11 Rattan Lumber
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 3 Danceshrooms
  • 4 Rosewood Logs
  • 1 Ebony Log
For a total of 39/120. I may do a 2nd run later today to max out my digging fatigue before 11:00am. Or not. Depends how I feel.

Later on in the day got another 6 stacks done - forgot to record the haul but it had another ebony as the best dig. My chocobo got to listen to mostly the youthfull chocobo story as much as possible. Logged at windy in order to get ready to do another crack at healing wind.

16 stacks used since leveling up digging.

The harvest of my wildgrass from my mules went well:

Harvest itemBrassEarthenProrcelainCeramic
White Rock1,11,1
Dark Crystals3,2,3,43,3,22,4,4
La Theine Cabbage7,73,37,3,3,5,63,5,4
Cupid Worms5341
Azouph Greens99,1110
Gysahl Greens10,988
Sharug Greens9,9

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