Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Adult Chocobo!

Well, it finally happened. My chocobo is an adult! Lucky for me I had some friends warn me about it and I was able to immediately (well with some running back and forth to San d'Oria) get my Chocobo Whistle. I was able to summon my chocobo in Saruta. Thus I confirmed that the whistle works. I was then able to go and dig four stacks of greens worth using my own Chocobo.

The cycle from egg to adulthood is now mapped. A chocobo 4 days as an egg, 14 days as a chick and 10 days as a juvenile.

I was also able to get a hold of 2 light clusters from the ah to feed all my mule's gardens. I'm aiming for Cupid worms for my next crop. We'll see how it goes.

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