Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A slow night.

Well not much happened last night. The LS is recovering from the weekend Drama. My chocobo still only has 1 stat above poor but is otherwise doing well. All four mules are gardening nicely. IRL considerations cut my Vana'diel time to a quick visit.

Tonight however I'll probably either need to get to the top of delkfuts and farm some light crystals or just buy them off the AH and farm them later. I want to concentrate on cupid worms for my next batch. The main reason is that as the first chocobo approaches adult hood, I may want to retire him immediately in order to make room for the chocobo egg I got from the wandering chocobo quest. Not to mention start that choco breeding thing to try and get some color.

I'm beginning to be suspicious that the two "Colors" we're getting are actually purple and dark grey (as opposed to red/black/green/blue). Since there seems to be 7 adult colors. I think 3 of them are just variations on Rounseys. The other breeds are just not released yet.

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