Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not much, but I accomplished something.

I was only on for an hour or so last night. But I managed to get the 2nd stack of ram skins done (only have 1 left to synth to leather when I next hit Windy). Also got over to Tahrongi and helped Spishak with some blu spell learning (nope, as usualy Healing Breeze is more than slightly annoying to learn). I should be able to get some wind cluster farming done next time I log on.

Still no Mensur (;_ ;)

Hummm, after strugling with punctuation and emoticons, I've finaly decided that an emoticon itself qualifies as puntuation. So that resolves my strugle with how to punctuate after a sentence ending emoticon. Don't know how the rest of academia will react to that but screw em. They rarely use emotional content in their prose anyways.

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