Sunday, October 29, 2006


Woot, finaly got it. 1.5 mil later and this bad baby is mine ^.^

Not much else to report. My ls is for all practical purposes dormant once again. Thanks to Cinna. And my not being online enought. Oh well.

Note: if you don't take your chocobo on walks she doesn't get hungry at all.

Now that I have a little more time to type... Had a realy good party on friday night. Ran into Lysette from Allakhazam, Dudemanly again. Not particularely fast but with a distinct lack of stupid people it was enjoyable in the extreem. Saturday and Sunday, not a lot of time so mainly gardening (fed all 40 with dark crystals) -> chocobo care (not doing much, just keeping her fed and happy since I've got all the story elements till juvenile (I'll probably get the hankercheif at some point although I don't need it). I've discovered that if you don't bring your chocobo on walks (and deplete it's stamina) it stays at completely full. Haven't had to feed it in two days.

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