Friday, October 13, 2006

Wind Clusters and a new farming game.

Well I managed to get some farming done and harvested 10 wind clusters and some silk from the shak. I also came up with a new in-between weathers game. While waiting for new weather to appear. After getting rid of the 8 crawlers in the room on the way to the Eco warrior ???, you go back to the room and the tunnel up to the plateau area and check the 6 gobs. The game consists of trying to turn them all into a specific gob type. All 6 gobs are pool spawns where the pool consists of {Goblin Gambler, Goblin Mugger, Goblin Leecher}. Any of the 6 gobs can spawn as any of those 3 types. So the idea is to kill the ones you don't want and hope they spawn as the ones you do. The objective is to end up with 6 gobs of a particluar type. I was trying for Leechers lastnight. I started at 1/6 and when I decided to warp back to Jeuno I was at 3/6.

Still no Mensur up on the AH (;_;)

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