Friday, October 20, 2006

Finaly Some Progress (or I hate the dunes)...

Well I managed to get some exp on Summoner last night. Went from level 12 to level 15 (200 tnl). This was one of those "replace the bodies as they log" type of parties. The first few hours were fine. But then we got some pseudo-highlevel types. You know, the ones who say they have x jobs over 30 and a level 75 job...

Rant time.

Look I don't care how many times you say you've been thru the dunes. If you pull bone headed stuff that any high level should know better than to do, I'm going to assume some things about you. Either a) you're a liar, or b) you bought your account.

Case in point: Hakupac from last nights run. Claims to be level 70WAR on another job. Has never pulled. Does not comprehend the concept of keeping an eye on the mage's MP when pulling without a PL. End result: first partial wipe of the evening. Only survivors: the two PLDs. Only redeeming feature: Brought the first PL. Can someone explain to me how anyone can reach level 70 as a WAR and claim "No one ever asked me to pull before"? Not once? Where you totaly blind when the pullers you have had in all those previous parties (and a level 70 implies you've been in a lot of parties) held back to let the mages rest? Words fail me. But by the standards of the dunes he was actualy prety good in the end. A little rough on the pulling but not the worst I've seen.

For my next case I'll explain a bit where I am in my leveling process: I have 6 jobs clear of the dunes (1 at 73, 1 at 37, 4 at 20). All the rest of my jobs are at the dunes levels (1 at 18, 10 at 17 and 1 that went from 12 to 15 in this party). This would seem to imply that I should have a very solid idea of the mob progression of a Dunes party. Which usualy looks something like this:
Lizies(Till 12ish)->gobs(till 14ish)->crabs(till 16ish)->flies(till 17ish)->gobs again(till 18ish)->Pugils(till you're sick of them)->off to Qufim. The ish part is because it depends on just how good the party is. Now if you aren't in a static or have 5 out of 6 from you're ls that you know are good players, your party won't be that great. Even with a PL you should stick to this progression as the kill speed drops dramaticaly if you push it too far. This is not a level 60ish party where if you suddenly pull a mob that's 5 levels above your normal prey you can handle it. This is not rocket science. Or bullshit. This is the facts of life and most resonable ffxi people know them. Check any of the good sites (alla or somepage) for any thread discussing mob progression in the dunes. You may get minor variations on the above but not often.

Case #2 of the evening and the cause of this rant. The following picture kinda sais it all. Just 4 little lines out of the logs for the evening (edited to remove the battle spam for your viewing pleasure):

In the end, having lost 2 of our fighters, the puller decided in his wisdom to call for help so the PL could finish it off. Yep would have been a wipe otherwise. Silverpyro's excuse: "I wanted to test the party and see how good we were". Note at the time the party was levels 14-15. This from a guy who claims to have 9 jobs in or past the dunes stage. Sorry but you're a noob if you pull shit like that (yes, I'm being polite). If you dont' remember what the progression is because you've been away from the dunes for months, then shut the fuck up and don't suggest anything. Dweeb.

Ok, that's it for my rant today.

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