Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow I've been away a long time

Well this is definitely longer than the last time I was away from FFXI. In the good news department though, I've signed the lease on a new apartment so the inability to schedule gaming time should go away. The biggest problem I currently have with FFXI is that one can't play in windowed mode, and with my dual screen setup, this is getting really tiring. I'll probably be getting back to FFXI shortly but probably wont' be playing extensively till the game is window-able.

Apparently this should happen sometime in November when we get the wings of the goddess expansion. Time will tell.

The biggest difference between last time I got burnt out and this time has been my experience with EvE-online. I've played WoW and I've played CoH, and FFXI creams both of these with ease. Even with it's clunky interface. But EvE has been a very different experience. It has a much more evolved economy. It also is a technical tour-de-force in that the entire world plays on a single server to the tune of 30,000+ players on at any one time during the weekend. This is the equivalent to putting the entire FFXI player base down to only 3 or 4 servers. The developers are also more open about the technology they use and at least invite comment on it. Admitedly the geography of FFXI wasn't designed with these population densities in mind, but with all the expansions constantly increasing the acreage of the game, but the server populations not scaling with this, the FFXI servers are starting to feel a little empty.

Having explored these other worlds I think I'll be making further comments and comparisons in the future, as I get my ideas together.