Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ouch Poor Thundar

Thundar (ls member and great galka of doom) had his account hacked a few days ago. Serious bummer. On Tuesday I went and helped a bit with some nm camping at the top of Delkfutt's tower. As I pointed out to him they can't steal his levels now that he's changed the password. At this point the suspision is falling squarely on Chell and Suzee. Lord knows if it's true. But he did track down the name of the mule that's selling his stuff.

As I pointed out to him: "They can steal your stuff but they can't steal your mojo". Hopefully he'll keep playing although getting the expensive equipment stolen is soul destroying, it's not as bad as starting over. Those levels, skills and other development can't be stolen from him. And as much time as he's spent acquiring the expensive stuff, he probably spend more time developing the character.

In other news I got the earth crystals fed to the wild grass Tuesday night.

I just did gardening and a bit of wandering around the top of Delkfutt's Tower since I didn't have lot of time last night. I still have a pop item for Palas.


Blogger lytic said...

Hey wussup? Scab here. Long time. Write me at ahultin at gmail dot com when you get a chance. Give Thundar my address too if you don't mind. Miss ya bud!

May 27, 2007 at 2:44 p.m.  

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