Sunday, February 25, 2007

Guide cap and WHM21

Two days to report. The first is getting my guide cap for the gold world pass associated with Heather. It's been 40 days. Apart from that not much happened that day.

Sprout and guide

The next day I did manage to get on and head to Qufim. Man that was fast getting a party. The party was pretty good we went straight to crabs and managed to get a level.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I was not on very long last night. Just enough to get my Locker extended into July. Turn in the rest to the Walahra turban guy. Mess with the AH. Craft an Imperial Cermet ingot for Devious and get to Jeuno, ready for Qufim.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

And yep all jobs 20+

Humm, I'm finally getting the hang of this BST thing. I hit 20 tonight. Bringing the extra Hi-pots was a smart thing to do. I then spent the rest of the evening getting my WHM gear together because I'll be doing WHM till 37.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

BST20 or bust!

I finally got back to working on my BST. I need to get it to 20 to officially be done with the dunes. And I also need it to start leveling WHM with a clear conscience. I'm currently pounding on gobs in Buburimu.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ronfaure outpost!

Well I missed a few days. Real life being what it is. But what do I see when I get back? Windy has control of Ronfaure!!!. So I immediately drop everything and haul ass, hell bent for leather, to get the Supply quest done. OMG! I've finally got Ronfaure! Only took me 3 years...

Some rare NPCs

Didn't get much else accomplished but I did switch out the gear so I'm poised to go level BST for the next little bit. Currently waiting in the stables for a ride out to Buburimu.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Darn, forgot the re-raise

Yep, I died. I forgot the re-raise at one point where I was doing an intentional get killed in a re-raise-able spot type of move. Oh well. Obviously still no map.

I then got some AH stuff handled and went off to the Safehold in preparation for more aqueduct fun this evening.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stuck in the storage rooms

Well, I'm currently camping the ??? for the map to Phomiuna Aqueduct. Did 3 log ons and searches. No luck so far.

Monday, February 12, 2007


The evening started off with a request from Thundar for some exploration of the Phomiuna Aqueducts. So off we went for some various farming. I brought along my Bronze key just in case it would be useful.

We will not talk about the farming. 2 of the 3 NM's were up which put a serious crimp in our farming ability (farming arround an NM = risky).

Reraise Gorget for the win! I had to use it twice: once for the party, once to get in position to camp the map mini quest.

I'm currently stuck in a corner of one of the library rooms wating for a ??? with a map to pop. Fun.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Zilart Done!

Wow, I actually got to finish off the Zilart story line in one go. I had been stuck on the mission just after getting sky for the longest of times. But luckily there was a Divine Might alliance forming for the last thee days. I had indicated that if I was online at the time I'd go, but no promises. Got lucky and I ended up online at the appropriate time. So I got changed and off to Divine Might I go.

Once I got to sky it was pretty much a go as we had all 18 people there. Myself and 2 other race off to make sure we have the actual Divine Might quest started. We're actually trying to finish off the Ark Angels mission from the Zilart storyline. That mission involves killing all 5 Ark Angels. One at a time. But if you start a quest known as Divine Might, this allows an alliance to kill all 5 Ark Angels in one fight.

Once we get there, I find out I'm the only RDM going on this. Well that makes my contribution to the fight kind of linchpin like. Sure enough the first fight does not go smoothly. I'm in charge of trying to keep two kiter's alive while gravity-ing two mobs. Basically the kiter's and I do a hash of it and get killed early in the fight which means we only kill 1 of the AA and wipe.

First run: Not so good

So once we get kicked from the first fight, we re-hash our strategy. This time the BST is going to kite one of the mobs with Courier Carrie. And the mob kill order has changed from TT->MR->GK->HM->EV to TT->GK->MR->HM->EV. The only NIN in the party and myself are given the task of kiting the Elvan for basically the entire fight. We do this perfectly. We could have kept going but the leader decided to allow a wipe with everyone in a place where we could raise ourselves without immediately resuming the fight. Since we had enough time left.

We're actually doing great!

Once we re-raise and get everyone up and alive again, The final fight was obviously a shoe in. We had no problem (well I died again, but hey, Chainspell -> debuff -> Nuke gets a lot of hate) killing the Elvan Ark Angel. Once we were all patched up again it was off to the point you start Divine Might to get our earrings. I chose Suppanomimi for when I actually un-gimp my NIN sub-job.

After this part of the alliance stayed together to go get the last fight of the Zilart mission done. So off we all trooped to Norg to progress the missions. And back again to Sky.

The teleporter to sky is the coolest teleporter in the game

So we zone into The Shrine of Ru'Avitau to get our next cut-scene. And Lion offers to go on a date with us. I still think she's got one of the coolest outfits in the game.

Mmmmmm Lion!

The next part was full of pain and suffering as we tried to get everyone to the Celestial Nexus. Getting lost and a lot of death. That's what actually took the most time of the entire session. Once we finally all got there we knew that some of us would have to go a minimum of 2 times. We actually went 3 times for the first win and never went a 2nd time due to mass death (again) and it being way too late.

The cut-scene for the actual fight is one of the coolest for it's lighting effects.

Cool lighting

We also get to kill off the punk ass Zilart.

Evil 10000 year old punk

The first fight went badly since I didn't know what I was supposed to do to keep the detectors out of the way. So the first loss was basically mine.

The second run through was also a wipe but this time I kept the detectors out of the fight for the whole time. The problem that time was the tank not keeping hate. This is not as evident as it may sound since you're supposed to be killing exoplates but you need to provoke the main character to keep him from killing the mages.

The third run was smooth. I kept em off so well (using an alternating sleep 2 method to keep them out of sequence with each other) that I was almost full MP by the time of the start of the fight against the 2nd form. Refreshes all round with some judicious healing permitted us an easy win (once we knew what we were doing).

Unfortunately wining meant we got sent to the hall of the gods again. Which implied a trip back to the Celestial Nexus to once again get to the fight for the people who still had to do it. By the time we got there (with attendant death) too many people had left and we were without enough people to do the fight. I feel sorry for the two who didn't get it (out of the 5 who were left) but them's the breaks, as they say.

All in all a very successful evening.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Slow crawl up BST

Wednesday night was short, only enough time to do some inventory and AH shuffling.

Thursday was much better. I spent the early part of it doing the old mule shuffle getting ready to work with BST. Then spent the greater part of the evening in a party that went from the dunes to Qufim as people leveled. BST went from 17 to 19 in that stint.

Friday, real life shortened my stint. I did manage to finish setting up the macros for BST and getting 900 odd exp. So not a total loss.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clothcraft and Assault

The evening was short. Mainly because I got in so late from university. Anyways, I managed to get Clothcraft 55.3 or so from doing some Hunter's Cotton synths. So one more point closer to cap.

After that I did a single assault run with Eoware, Rydir and Devious. We got a little unlucky with those boys being such damage magnets. Rydir died because he hid out of my LOS at one point. But other wise the run went well. 14k points now in Mamool Ja assault points, with Rydir trying to get Amir boots only at 9k points I should get my Yigits before he gets his Amir.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Assaults

Pretty easy night. I just did a bit of pre work for some crafting as well as 3 Assault runs. We went with Rydir this time. We seem to have this down to a science. All 3 runs were horribly smooth. I've already described Preemptive Strike so no need to get into the details.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Darkness Named

Friday was a bit of a loss, got some crafting done (thanks for the red moko Devious) but still only got 3 Trader's instead of Baron's so 0/7 for now on that synth.

Saturday I had an evening out so no Vanadiel for me.

Sunday, I got on early. While trying to decide what to do, got a bit of synthing done then decided to join a PM3-5 mission in the making. This one took forever to get off the ground. Mainly because of Jato. That was one ditsy Mithra.

We ended up waiting while she did 3-3 and 3-4 and the legwork for 3-5 (Pso'Xja pass). And waiting. And waiting....

Eventually we helped her farm the chip and we were finally underway.

Getting to Diabolos

The actual fight went pretty smoothly. I ended up chain nuking towards the end as we were running out of MP. It worked and we got the kill. I can now AH in Tavnazia and also have access to the 2nd Riverine route.

Only took 6 bleeding hours.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Crafting (ouch!) and Assault

Well I started the evening where yesterday left off: Crafting and muling. I got the stuff to try to make my Baron's Chapeau (I had enough for 4 synths). Unfortunately I now have 4 Signed Trader's Chapeaus to dispose of... My, that was expensive.

Then we went on 2 Assault runs. Party was Devious, Thundar, Rydir and myself. The first run was horribly smooth. The second one was aggro city. No great ??? items but 1800 more assault points for me, I now have 10k at the Mamool Ja Staging point (half way to Yigit Hand piece).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crafting and Assault

Well did a bunch of crafting tonight. Mainly cleanup of my stack holder's stuff to be honest. Also got .8 clothcrafting skillups (there goes 3 stacks of silk cloth).

Then we did 2 runs of Assault. Once again Preemptive Strike. This time it was Thundar, Rydir, Devious and I. Rydir died in 2nd run unfortunately. But we did get another Spectacles.