Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back to WHM grinding

I'm on for the 2nd day in a row. Go me. This time I decided to go work on my WHM job for a bit. I did the usual AH manipulations then got an invite as I was re-equipping in my mog house.

The first part of the party

So off we went to Delkfuts and much partying was had as well as dinging of WHM23. Pretty good party over all. Ninja tank. Then after the Ninja had to leave we 5 man'ed it for a bit while waiting for the paladin to show up. Once she did it was off to the interior of the tower.

The 2nd half of the party.

Unfortunately there was a PL'ed party that was hogging the goblins so we ended up going after giants. Soon after that I ended up logging for the evening.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Quick visit and Some ENM action

Well I was back again a few weeks ago (didn't comment on it at the time). Basically I've decided to clean up my mules in a fairly major way. So a lot of the stuff that was on my materials mule is going for sale at cut rate prices for the next little bit. I also continued by doing a bit of harvesting and some chocobo racing

Amber Storm in the lead

Then last night I was on again and the call went out for some healing support for the ENM (Empty Notorious Monster) run. So once I finished getting my up on the ah it was off to Movalpolos.

The ENM party

The farming for the key item went very fast. I also ran into Avesta on the way to the battleground. He is a notable and renowned tarutaru RDM. Also ended up having to chainspell raise on the way there thanks to some brilliant moves on the part of Saiz (BLM) and Hov (NIN). Lucky the fight went much smoother than the trip there. Good job all round but the mob only dropped a Cassia Lumber destined for a Primate Staff. Ah well, such is life.