Sunday, February 04, 2007

Darkness Named

Friday was a bit of a loss, got some crafting done (thanks for the red moko Devious) but still only got 3 Trader's instead of Baron's so 0/7 for now on that synth.

Saturday I had an evening out so no Vanadiel for me.

Sunday, I got on early. While trying to decide what to do, got a bit of synthing done then decided to join a PM3-5 mission in the making. This one took forever to get off the ground. Mainly because of Jato. That was one ditsy Mithra.

We ended up waiting while she did 3-3 and 3-4 and the legwork for 3-5 (Pso'Xja pass). And waiting. And waiting....

Eventually we helped her farm the chip and we were finally underway.

Getting to Diabolos

The actual fight went pretty smoothly. I ended up chain nuking towards the end as we were running out of MP. It worked and we got the kill. I can now AH in Tavnazia and also have access to the 2nd Riverine route.

Only took 6 bleeding hours.


Anonymous Devious said...

I(and the leader) wasn't much help thanks to fine server/connection issues.
That Mithra I think has gotten to her level depending on the kindness of strangers and not her skills. Especially with such a can do attitude. (some paraphrasing follows) "/sigh" "I'll never get it." "Of course I was AFK there was nothing for me to do." "No I did it all, Cid just will not talk to me." 4x"Are we near Pso'Xja yet?" "I may have to go offline soon my daddy wants to fight Kirin, can we hurry?" "This drop is taking forever."(said after 2 fights, got a chip in less that 30 min of them reaching Beaucedine Glacier)
We were near the end, I had nuked and stunned the way that made sense to me expecting if my MP was low the bard would ballad(she did a Paeon...) or the BLM would take up the stuns(he may have been short MP I wasn't keeping track). I feel bad for the tank, because near the end he was getting beaten hard. When you broke out your 2h and slaped him to death I was waiting on my juice to replenish my MP to 11 each time to cast.
I even had to toss away some TP on a single skill since I couldn't afford the MP to self chain a second time.
6 hours was good for a 45 MINUTE MISSION (11ish minutes of actual fight). /rant
Never the less, I'm closer to sea to learn new spells and got to see more of a good FFXI storyline.

February 5, 2007 at 4:52 a.m.  
Blogger Strangeone said...

What can I say. Chainspell FTW. But yea, frustrating as hell. The leader and Jato were in the same LS I think. Otherwise she should have been booted way early.

February 7, 2007 at 12:58 a.m.  

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