Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two days woth of harvesting and assaults

Well Sunday I basically did nothing but harvest for all of it. I no longer need to bring a stack, I got about 60-70 items harvested for the cost of a single sycle. I'd love to know what harvesting rank I am, but I'm getting prety up there. Anyways need to concentrate on getting cotton and red moko for the barrons set I'm making.

Monday, didn't have a lot of time, basicaly, logged on and was immediately sucked into Preemptive Strike x 3. All went relatively well. The first was the smoothest with Brolly. Then the next two with Eoware were agro city. Lucky Dev and I are prety good RDM and BRD team. Kept everything under control and the DD's alive. I now have over 5k Mamool Ja assault points.

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