Saturday, January 13, 2007

Forks, AF, COR

I started off determined to get all the forks so I would be ready to go on any avatar run that needed help. This of course involved a lot of running around. I did manage to check which item was the Alchemy item of the day, get my chocobo whistle re-filled and got the moon bauble as well. It's only now, as I'm writing this, that I realize I'm still missing the Rabao fork. Ah well, next opportunity I'll get it done.

Jelley then indicated she was going to go with a WHM that wanted to try to solo her AF NM. Now this is a little nuts. The NM in question is renowned for spam-ing magic and Dimensional Death, a particularly vicious job ability. Not to say it can't be done but it's tricky as hell. -Ga spells striping shadows, DD messing with your HP. A certain amount of luck is needed.

Jelley indicated she was having no luck getting anyone else to take her up on the NM fight. So she was considering taking the guy up on it just in case he might be able to pull it off. It was at this point I had finished going for the forks (well except Rabao, but I had forgotten that one). So I decided that a little extra RDM back up was called for. Good thing I did. The other WHM in question was actually pretty good and was giving a good demonstration of what a combat load out WHM/NIN is capable of. But then a few -ga spells in a row, an Aspir and some nasty DDs and things were not looking so good any more. I started out by simply slapping a Refresh on the boy, then plowing in. Even with the two of us it was a tough fight. Especially at the end when the mob was spam-ing DDs. The WHM died to one too many DDs at the very end of the fight and I was down to 3hp with a Firaga III on the way when I managed to kill it. Close bleeding fight. So Jelley only has the CN coffer key AF left to get.

Then I switched jobs to COR/BRD and it was off to the dunes. Typical semi dis-functional dunes party that did manage to get some decent exp. Got all the way to 19 on this run, just half a level to go to 20.

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