Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dunes and AF

Well today was a Dunes day... Yep, got myself in my COR/BRD wear and headed to the evil place itself. First party was good with a PL, got my level. Took a break, then 2nd party sucked (only got half a level). Even with Jelley PL'ing me at the end. Some times it just is sooooo slow.

Killing things for the coffer key

Once that was over with, it was time to go help Jelley with her next piece of AF, so off to the Citadel and some key mob killing. Devious joined up part way through, and we got the key. Then there was a bit of a wait while Isyan came along to make 4 so we could get through the gates. Even this was no problem, and we managed to get the coffer near the zone out. Jelley now has her AF head piece.

Jelley with AF hat

Went to bed at that point.

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