Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd Salvage Run

I started off the evening by putting some warp cudgels up on the ah. Prices are nice and high at the moment. The main reason is that Windy has been out of first place for 2 weeks in a row and it's the middle of the week. If windy stays out of first place for another week, expect to see 50k a cudgel soon.

Then things go busy in the linkshell. We didn't have much time before the salvage run so we booked it it Ilrusi Atoll to get the extra points needed. Only Devious and I needed the points. So Devious went to the chest spawn spot and I became Thundar's battery for the run. As usual, things went very smoothly and we got the points and the Remnant permits necessary for our salvage run.

Gathered for the Salvage run

So off we went to Bhaflau Thickets and the northern most entrance to Aydeewa Subterrane. I still don't have the new new staging point, but I'm going to have to learn how this works. Once all gathered and in a party: Thundar, Devious, Scab, Isyan, Autumnal and myself started up the Run proper. We were our usual gimp selves at the start of the run

Gimp party

Parts of this run went smother, parts not so smooth. I really need to make sure I have a Salvage kit out ready to go for the next time. I ended up dieing twice. First time due to in-attention of the melee segment of the party, 2nd time due to casting cure IV while weakened and getting one shotted. We got unlucky with weapon drops this time. Getting weapons first is very critical. We also need to get better at doing more of the first floor. We definitely need to get smoother at the start of the run. We also need to get better at getting the calling out of who should get what. It would be good if someone tracked the important cell drops. that way less time is wasted after a particular drop.

Partially Un-gimped

I didn't feel like I was up to par this run. Partly because I started the evening with a brand new cold. Yuck. We did manage to get Thundar a pants drop. Our first salvage item that leads to one of the new sets. The BST/RNG/THF/??? Pants (norn set???) dropped from one of the 3rd floor ranger mobs. Thundar won the lot vs Isyan, the rest of us didn't have the right jobs. We'll have to do more.

I logged in the subterrane and will have to get the new staging point next time.

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