Monday, January 01, 2007

Naja is broken

Well I did the last mission available currently in the Aht Urghan story line. It was most excellent. This is basically where some more plot exposition happens and Shantotto gave me my marching orders. She did manage to break Naja though. That'll teach Naja to mess with such an experienced operator as Dr. Shantotto.

Broken Naja

She unfortunately still has my crown. Lucky me though, I got 5 Imperial gold coins and immediately went and upgraded my mog locker. I can now store up to 70 items in my mog locker.

The rest of my linkshell was either away at new years eve parties or doing stuff on their own. I decided to go try and level BLU a bit. This involved getting to Bastok and switching jobs. I got my equipment switched around and then headed in the general direction of the marshes. The flies were a little to tough so I headed to Valkurm. There I called up Yawawa my NPC Fellow and although things went well at the start, it quickly deteriorated. I ended up running for the La Theine zone.

Yawawa and I in the dunes

I decided that getting further spells might be a way to go. So it was off to Gelshba and the orcs. First up was trying to get Bomb Blast from the orcish war machines. This turned out to be no problem as I got it on the 2nd one. In the following picture you will note the normal blue mage technique of waiting for the mob to build up TP by wailing away at one's self until they make the right move. This is a slow painful process (literally):


Then of course the monster with my next move was nearby so it was off to some Cheiropteras in the tunnel system and up on the plateau. Interesting discovery: Bats are not linking. As you can see I am well withing the sound distance of the non-engaged Cheiroptera, but it is not linking into my existing fight.

Humm Shouldn't this be linking???

After 3 of them, I managed to learn Blood Drain so it was off to Valk once again. Where I immediately got into trouble and died right in front of the gates to Selbina. Brilliant way to show my skillz...

After the raise, I waited around a while for a party, but nothing happend (except I spotted the rare red chocobo). I ended up logging for the evening there in hopes that things would look up the next evening.

A Red Chocobo in the dunes

Have a Happy New Year everyone!!!

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