Saturday, December 23, 2006

Events, DRG 20 and Thundar

There are two day's of things to relate. So here we go:


Friday was simply the day I completed the Event for this year's Starlight celebration. It started off by doing a lot of cheering at Treant.

Cheering the Twinkling Treant

But after lots of cheering, running around, going from city to city, giving kids gifts and fireworks and getting all the loot, I was able to say I got all the loot. A not for people doing this: Upstairs at the school in windy waters is a great place to unload a stack of fireworks as there is a high concentration of kids and you can unload in one spot.

Strangeone in HQ Dreamgiver wear

While doing this of course I had to snap shots of various bot fishers. Actually Buwake, I'm not so sure about. Usually a name like that is the sign of a mule. Someone has some 'splaining to do. Probably to a GM once they get reported.

Buwake? humm.... what if I change the w to a k?

RMT Bot clone

At least two more clones


Saturday morning was spent doing the big materials craft. I am a purveyor of fine Warp Cudgels in this fine land of Vanadiel. Which means I craft warp clubs and sell them in bulk on the Jeuno/Aht Urghan AH. To do so I need to craft massive amounts of Oak Lumber (to make Oak Cudgels) and Ethereal Oak Lumber (to turn the cudgels into the warp variant). To save space I usually craft 6 stacks of each and stuff those on a mule. That usually lasts me about a month. Note: This means I buy 144 Oak Logs at a shot. When was the last time you saw 144 Oak Logs on sale on the AH? Right, I didn't think so. So the only two other options are: The woodworkers guild (usually slightly cheaper but in limited quantities) or the windy port duty free (slightly more expensive but in unlimited quantities). Windy it is.

Synthing away

Oak Logs cost 5751 gil a pop. Loosely translated this means I spend 828,144 gil on Oak Logs alone. The rest of the materials for a Warp Cudgel cost an order of magnitude less per cudgel mind you. Final cost per cudgel works out to 16-17k depending on how you got your anima and clusters. Now undercutters come out on the weekends. They usualy sell for about 20-22k Which is find for the pure volume market. I tend to sell more during the week and avoid the weekends. My minimum price is 25k a cudgel. This mean my minimum sales for a run this size are: 1,800,000 gil. For those interested the synths are:

Dark Anima x 1

Wind Anima x 1

Ice Anima x 1

Oak Log x 1

Wind Crystal for the synth

Gives Ethereal Oak Lumber

And for the Oak Lumber I use the Lumberjack synth:

Bundling Twine x 1

Oak Log x 3

Wind Crystal for the synth

Gives Oak Lumber

Then I took care of AmberStorm. Having done that I headed off to the dunes to try and complete my DRG job. Whoa Nelly! Newbie party. Slow as molasses. We spent more time getting people Sub-job drops than concentrating on getting experience. People came, got disgusted and left. No wonder newbies thing the dunes are hell. No one wants to help the newbies get their items for the sub-job quest. Bleeding crimps. So I spent 6 hours with the newbies and a) managed to get 2 guys 4 out of the 5 items they needed. b) no one died. So not too bad. Puller was a little slow mind you. But he was one of the newbies so that was to be expected. Oh well.
Newbies in the dunes, who'da thunk?

Then to wash the taste of the slow party from my mouth, I PL'ed Autumnal a bit (she had to deal with RL stuff after a few kills). So I went off to help Jelley. I though Autumnal logged while she was AFK, but no, I find out later she left her character in an unsafe are -.-; Evidently she has not been through the dunes often enough to realize that the corner she was in was not safe...

Autumnal WHMing in the dunes

Jelley was the trying to get her last teleport scroll. So I decided to help out. We met up in Xarcabard. Got her crystal so she can port to the right point once she gets the scroll. Then off to Fei'Yin with her abbreviated party. We get two keys in the first batch of shadows (there are like 6-8 pairs of two). Blink Blink, that was quick. And then the minute we start looking for the chest, she finds it! On the first spawn spot we look at. Had a Pat Morita moment of disgust there. Beginners Luck.

Well that was quick. So I decide to head out to see Thundar in Aht Urghan and try to get my Black Coffin mission done.

At the Black Coffin Mission battlefield point.

Of course Thundar who's a bit rusty from being away from the game so long, ends up needing to go back for his coin.

Waiting on Thundar

We find out empirically that we need one more dd/tank or at least one more RDM. The three of us managed to get the captain below 50% health. Yes, we're a bit suicidal that way. It was a lot of fun mind you.
Black Coffin wipe

At that point I decided bed was a good idea, so back to my mog house I went.

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