Friday, December 15, 2006

A chocobo, a lich and a tour

The evening started off by doing the old "take care of your chocobo" routine. This was the last day AmberStorm was on the Carry Packages care plan. From tomorow on in she will be on the simply on basic care with the idea that I want to see how high the basic plan can raise her other two stats without affecting her First-class physical stats. We'll also see if we can get more stories. And if she can learn some skills.

Once the care and feed and water was done, it was off to Jeuno to start the honeymoon between AmberStorm and Devious's First-class stats male chocobo WildFox.

Once I got there though I spotted a suspicious group of characters. I suspect these are RMT that are burning their way up the levels currently doing the chocobo license quest. Beginner armor on the mages, all Tarutaru mages, no pearl, all anon; yep looks like RMT to me:

Then I did the actual honeymoon thing:

Today should see an egg in jeuno for me (man these chocobo's work fast). Devious got an egg type that was the same description as one of the ISNM eggs so we both hold out high hopes for the pairing.

Then a quick help with Magnus C. Lich in Eldiem Necropolis so Scab could do his Blue Ribbon quest. Not a horribly hard fight for the usual trio. Good lord if ever we get a tank and 2 DD's or 3 DD's at the high 70's in this ls we're going to rock and roll.

On my way back to Jeuno, Autumnal mentioned that the price of Erase scrolls was horribly low. I managed to get a scroll of Erase for 90k...

Yep we're in the middle of a major depression. If Utsusemi: Ni comes down that low I'll be in heaven. I ran into Jelley working on her Cornette quest.


Then I wandered on over to the Maze of Shakrami. Jelley eventually met up and I gave her Strangeone's patented tour of the Maze. It covers all the Treasure Chest's spawn spots as well as all the major points of interest. Then back to Jeuno and logged for the evening.

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Anonymous Devious said...

His name is WildFox. Why? Well I was going for strength this go round and it seemed right.

December 15, 2006 at 7:21 p.m.  
Blogger Strangeone said...

Noted and corrected :)

December 15, 2006 at 9:19 p.m.  

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