Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Easy going evening

Well I decided to take it easy last night. So I trundle off to Bastok and do the usual (Chocobo - still Impressive/Impressive/Poor/Poor, GP - Mythril based item bleh!) Then when Jelley complains about the price of Invisible Scrolls, Devious, Scab and myslef decide to go on a Goblin Leecher killing spree. Lots of Scrolls of Paralyze, Barsleep, Sneak (and one other that I forget atm), but still no Scroll of Invisible.

Based on the results that Devious or Scab was getting in what ever zone they were in (Beaudaux I think- namelly multiple Scrolls of Reraise). I'm begining to suspect that the Leechers drop a whole pack of different scrolls. They seem to be prototypical Red Mages in their scroll collection. But what I'm realy beginning to suspect is that the zone/region/map you're in determines what combination of scrolls a particular Leecher can drop. It could also be determined by the level of the Leecher, we don't know. But the repeat drops being different in different areas could be indicative of something.

I suspect I'm going to want to try and investigate this a little more deeply as a pet project. Start systematicaly hunting down Leechers and recording the drops as a RDM/THF... I may also start recording pop paterns and locations. We'll see.

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