Saturday, December 02, 2006

Epic party in Qufim

Well that went blindingly fast... Blink... Blink... Ok, started the evening off doing some crafting. Nothing massive, just synth the cotton, put stuff up on the ah, cut up the sardines. The usual what. Then Scab finally comes on and decides it's time to make a mostly LS party 20-ish in Qufim. Well the only think I'm ready for on the spot is THF, so I gear up and head on out.

Initially we were roving, with Cheeky as PL. But when we hit camp, I'm designated puller (surprise surprise). Soon after we start we get a 6th, who I think almost bailed on us (smart guy he stuck around). What followed was fairly epic. We were hitting chain 5 metronomically, we hit chain 6, we got 4.4 levels in 3 hours. Then we switched to Kazham and we got another two in 2 hours (much more competition for mobs there). There was a half hour break between Qufim and Kazham. We seriously rocked. So thanks to Devious, Scab, Snowflake, Taka, Cane and of course Cheeky (lol also Scab on a 2nd comp) for a most radical Qufim /Kazham party.

Also I got Devious to re-join the LS, welcome back Dev :)

The picture above and to the right is of Scaby, our leader/power leveler. Hehehehe.

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Blogger Scab said...

Good times! I love partying with you guys.

December 2, 2006 at 4:11 p.m.  

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