Thursday, November 30, 2006

And a dash of Besieged

Harvested the growing veggy/ice on my earthen pot mule. Didn't record it. Mainly because that particular recipe is well known in it's results.

Tonight's gameplan was interrupted by a passing question. "Are these drops I've gotten of the monsters worth anything: Bat wings and crystals?". My "brand spanking new newbie" radar went off. Long story short, the first half of the evening was spent typing like a madman. Introducing Halcyonn to the AH showing him the spell vendor, teaching him to attack at the same time as cast spells. All good things for a newbie to learn. Then took care of my chocobo. Although she's restless from the lonely hart thing, her endurance is now up to "impressive".

Then came dinner and besieged. Excelent besieged for me. Went solo as I intended to skillup sword. I realize the besieged purists out there will decry a red mage going solo in besieged as that deprives a party in some alliance of their refresh/cure whore, but since they dont' want to see a red mage skillup, tough beans, pay the price. Good news on that front: I finaly hit 240 sword. I also got 1080exp so that makes up for the idiot death trying to help Get a few AF's ago. This means that I can start the WSNM quest for Savage Blade next time.

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