Monday, November 20, 2006

And a bit of forward progress on the sword skill front.

I decided I needed a little break from the Doooooonz scene. So I decided t'was time to look into this 'get the damn sword skill capped' thing. So after carreful selection of my melee loadout, I headed on up to the 2nd floor of The Boyhada Tree. Hello Mr. Steelcrab. Well the EM's weren't too bad, and I can survive the T's if I'm rested, 5 fights and I'm up to 237.3~5 or there abouts. Not bad. I'm also gaining Archery, Dark, Shield and Parry skills.

So the end result is that these bozos are straight up melee-able by a level 73 rdm with nothing in the way of 1337 gear except possibly my crimson booties. [side note: my definition of 1337 gear is anything that costs 2mil or above].

I was also getting 100-130 exp a fight. Hummm, maybe I should pop my empress while I'm at it. [Side note: the flies are definitly non-aggro, I'd forgotten this, and any thing else seems to be sound aggro only].

So although I didn't get a lot of killing done, I should be able to cap my sword skill in 15-20 more fights. I think I'll stay here for a few days.

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