Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When the eyesight starts to go, it's time to step back...

Once again weird ass night. Started off well enough. Was doing the AH thing in jeuno when I get a /tell asking for help with GK2. So I figure no problem, so long as at least one more person is present it should be no problem. Beefcake (I think) gets together a shaky team (not me, the NIN) made up of 3 mid 50's and 3 70+ (NIN, BST and RDM) with myself in the RDM slot. Run is mostly without incident except the poor BST died on the last mob. (was a little slow in casting cure after the refresh). Only death on entire run.

Went and took care of Choco and GP item. Got full GP for the day, only 12.3k left to go for my apron.

Then I went to help out Getdatmoney farm a key but ran into a weird optical problem where I could no longer focus on the point directly in my focus zone. Started sparkling out. Decided I had been staring at a screen too long and logged and went to rest my eyes. Weird and worrying.

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