Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Lot of housekeeping.

Well after the previous night's adventures, I found myself in the wonderful and lively town of Norg. With nothing to do. So I decided to get back to Jeuno and get some housekeeping tasks done. Warped back. Noticed that the warp club market is currently flat. As well, I was able to get one stack short of a full anima production run. I'm only missing a last stack of Malevolent Memories. I'm surprised with the lack of Malevolents that the price hasn't climbed on those. Lethargy in the marketplace I assume.

My LS is currently prety dead. I think I'll just let it rest for a while till I have more time to invest in building it back up (when I move out of the parent's home specificaly).

I managed to get all the loose items moved arround. So the harvest got moved, the black rocks got synthed. Moved the materials for a dozen Warp Cudgels back to Strangeone. The part of the harvest I'm not keeping is now up on the mule's AHs. I'm going to need to look into crafting the gems into rings and earings soon.

Got back to bastok, checked my chocobo (Yay, got substandard endurance). Got full GP for the day (eye drops). Switched back to SMN and logged as SMN. I probably won't be able to work on exp tonight (being a late night and FFXII being out). But we'll see. I indend to plant the next crop on the weekend.

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