Monday, November 06, 2006

Two days to cover.


Humm weird mix of stuff. Got that final level of skillup to summoning so I'm now capped for level 18. Then I had possibly the most disfunctional party in the dunes ever. Should be used as a poster child for why you don't let newbies be PL'ed. The level of suicidal noobness displayed was astonishing. On the flip side, when the dunes didn't work out, I headed off to bastok and did the usual mix of GP crafting and Chocobo care.

Once that was done however I decided to go help Scab and Devious in their camping endevours. On my way there, however they got the mob but not the drop. Once in the area I found out they were headed to Pso'Xja for a Cryptonberry drop. Once there I do believe I covered myself with RDM glory. I managed to keep 2 suicidal bards alive. Not as easy as it would seem at first glance. In the first un-capped tower, we made it to the bottom but scab agroed the mimic as well as the mob I'd aggroed upstairs before the drop as well as the mob that was in the room itself. Fun Fun ensued. And with the appropriate use of Chainspell Escape, we made it out of there with no deaths and Scab at 20hp.

Also in the next tower, my good buddies manage to get locked in a room with 2 guardians while I was locked outside, and a calm Escape from near the door and everything was fine again. So back we go. A few mobs later and k-ching, we get the drop for Devious. The nice thing is that they were both 70 and I was 73, so not a great big difference in level but I had absolutely no problem keeping hate and totaly outdamaging them. I looooooove my Mensur Epee. Yes, yes, I do. Sure they were just bards you say, but a BRD's damage is just about on par with a RDM's damage when properly equiped. I was seriously outclassing them damage wise. It's nice to be the non-squishy in the goup for once.

Well this day was a total bust for any interaction with other people. Gardening, GP, Chocobo and some light Chocobo digging were the extent of it.

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