Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lotta happening stuff.


Well first we have the harvest:
Harvest itemBrassCeramicProrcelainEarthen
Yellow Rock111,1,1
Lightning Crystals6,3,74,4,6,5,44
Little Worm6,9,11,10,1110,10,11,10,9126,12,7,12,6,9
Vomp Carrots65,10,9,811,11,5,4

Also took care of the chocobo, GP, and AH but nothing otherwise special.


Well lot happening this time. Got on, got a lot of mule stuff done, got to Bastok, took care of Chocobo. That went well. Did the old GP thing, and GOT MY ALCHEMIST's APRON!!! Woot!

Then went and helped Getdatmoney with his AF. Poor boy is having major problems (poped the coffer in Garlaige Citadel as a WHM -.-; he was anon or I would have noticed... Also Gomek is back in the game, gave him a pearl.

All in all a busy day.

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