Friday, November 10, 2006

Note to self: Mhaura is not Khazam

First found got all the mule's gardening done. That was prety straight forward, probably harvesting tonight.

Then found out what the item of the day was. Hummmm ok, need 5 silence baghnakhs. Shouldn't be a problem right? Humm need to head to Mhaura (which somehow got translated to Khazam in my tired head). No problem, take care of the chocobo, warp to jeuno, put some warp cudgels on the ah, head over to windy via outpost system, get some mercury and silence potions crafted at the fishing guild on the way (got to get that dark anima crafted as well as the baghnakhs so might as well kill two birds with one stone), outpost to Elshimo Lowlands, chocobo to Khazam, grab the brass baghnakhs, warp to Jeuno, grab the necessary animal glue sitting in my locker, craft while waiting for the airship to bastok. Finish by turning in the baghnakhs for GP.

Slightly long but sound plan right? Slight problem, I finaly un-dislexia'd myself when I couldn't find the brass baghnakhs in Khazam.... Doh!

So slight change in route, warp back to jeuno, airship to windy, grab the animal glue (and some spare crystals) on the way to the stables, chocobo to Mhaura (got it right this time). Grab six baghnakhs (one spare), warp to jeuno and we're back on track. I craft the baghnakhs (2 x HQ, 4 x NQ) craft all the malevollent memories into dark anima (one blow up, but I'll be able to craft the remaining mat once I grab a single malevolent memory from a mule). Finished off crafting the mercury/silence potions. Took the airlift to Bastok and turned in the GP items Only have 8.2k GP to go for apron.

And off to bed.

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