Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weird night in the dunes

Got the production line working again, so warp clubs being produced. Got my shield from windy. Went to the dunes. Man were the parties sucking last night. Got invited to one where it basically self destructed on the first pull. The tank decided to fight pugil at the same time as we had one incoming from the puller. Brilliant move. 2 dead and the rest zoned into Gustav. Soon after the leader has to go (we knew this would be happening as he had warned us he needed to go). So while waiting for a raise for the two dead bodies, he transfers lead to the loudmouth of the group. Said loudmouth can't get a party going for the life of him and disbands at the first opportunity.

I'm left shaking my head on the beach. So I gather up Comar and head to the safe gob camp with the intention of getting a party going. When we get there he points out that he only has 650 exp left to go. At which time I decide it's time to show him how to duo in the sands. First I check if he's got his NPC. Doh! mule, not enough levels to get an NPC. Oh well not a problem, more exp for him. So I summon Yawawa and the three of us go down to town on T crabs in Whitebone. 6 fights or so later, ping he gets his level and we part ways.

So I go back to waiting. Then I go over to do some fishing. Then Getdatmoney decides to PL me. The parties are sucking so bad, I decide this might be a better deal. So we head to J-6 and party hardy. I manage to get chain #1 and #2 on a regular basis soloing. I thing we manage to piss off the party that's EXPing there but hey they don't own the mobs. Eventual I ding. Get a bit more exp and log for the night in Selbina. Not bad all said. But damn those dune parties can suck sometimes.

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