Sunday, November 26, 2006

And Getdatmoney gets his last piece of PLD AF

It was a pretty good day. I managed to get a level of RNG in the dunes. Then I responded to a call for help from Get and a bunch of us went off and did the old kill the two NM's thing. Some observations: 1) my chocobo at better than average physical stats is just a weeeee tad slower than a rental chocobo, not a lot. 2) One-eye is straight up solo-able by a competent RDM/BLM at level 73. So any party/alliance with at least 1 RDM 72+ should have no problem what so ever with this quest. Provided of course they adhere to the golden rule of partying with an erstwhile occupied RDM: Don't pull what ever the RDM is fighting of the RDM until you're good and ready to handle it.

On any fight where the RDM is handling a mob that is EM or lower in threat equivalence, unless you know the RDM is incompetent, he is in no danger. Most situations like this we're fighting in melee straight up in order to conserve mp. This means we know the fight is going to last long enough that we can't spend mp like a drunken sailor. I had to convert twice in this fight. Once after the first mob was killed and they came over to fight my mob. Once after the main fight when all the pops came crashing back down on us. In both cases I ended up having to go into mp conservation mode big time 2 minutes before convert. The rules for mp conservation mode: Stoneskin, Refresh, Phalanx are all that matters. If you have 80-100 mp you may, may, cast a single refresh on someone else, so long as refresh isn't about to drop and so long as stoneskin is lasting decently long. Never go below 40 mp, phalanx is more important than stoneskin.

Also in a mob scene if there is multiple bogies and the RDM is spamming AOE weapon skills, there's a reason for it. Mainly he's trying to conserve mp while getting the mobs to attack him. Don't go harrying off after the mobs attacking him. A red mage is not a white mage or a black mage. We don't need to have stuff pulled off of us quite as much as those jobs do. If the mobs are EP to DC we actually make paladins look squishy.

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