Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am pleased to report my chocobo AmberStorm finally reached First-class stats in here physical statistics today. Took her 55 days. Woot! Here's the screen shot:
After taking care of AmberStorm, I headed up to Jueno in order to put some warp cudgels on the AH. Yep the price has re-stabilized at 25k. Yesterday was a bit of an anomaly. Then it was off to the CN since Scab is working on 99 Cooking. Therefore he needs Royal Jelly. Therefore he must kill as many Awd Goggies as possible. Here is our usual Awd Goggie party:

And yes that is 2 bards and a red mage with a summoner. I can hear the screams of despair coming from Aht Urgan from here.

Amusing thing towards the end of this farming: We killed one of the Awds just as the squirl was casting something.

Capten! The radio-active squirrel, he canna take it any more!:

We then futzed around trying to check out how fast first rate chocobos are. After that we split up. Scab to go craft. Myself to go get some Chococards (F) to trade with Devious and Spishak.

Spishak was having a bit of a tough evening. Blue Mage can be a little tough thanks to the way they learn spells. While we were running around like mad men, Scab managed to get his cooking to 99.5. Soon my Linkshell will have a level 100 crafter! Woot!

Here's Spishak getting his Chocobo Honeymoon thingy:

And on my way back to Windurst to go get mine out of my storage, I fell asleep while waiting for the airship -.-; Classic.

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Blogger Scab said...

OK two very funny LOL things in your post. You could hear the screams of despair from Aht Urgan... can't be more true LOL. And that damn squirrel... I thought he was gonna blow.

December 17, 2006 at 12:54 a.m.  

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