Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And another job out of the dunes

I got on this evening with the intention of finishing up some muling, crafting and getting back to the dunes. The first thing I do is mass amounts of mule shuffling and putting stuff up on AH. Strangely the Warp Cudgel market is still a little depressed. 22-23k currently, put some ice clusters and 2 Warp Cudgels up for 25k a cudgel. I'm surprised the price is so depressed with windy being out of first place. Someone must have been sitting on a reserve. We'll see if it doesn't shoot back up during the rest of the week.

Then it was off to Bastok to take care of the chocobo. All right! got Endurance to First-Class. Pretty soon I'll be able to breed her and put her on basic care plan to work on her int and possibly special moves. We'll see.

Here's a picture of AmberStorm sleeping:

And here's a picture of her in the Bastok Stables:

She was restless so it was off to the races:

Here is her winning the race:

And a victory "kweh!" :

After taking care of AmberStorm, it was time to head for the dunes. As I mentioned, I would start taking screen shots of my various armors.

Here's a Tarutaru without any armor:

And with my level 17 HQ Lizard Armor Set:

I then headed toward the Dunes. I only had one level to go, so I hoped it wouldn't be awful. But luck shone upon me and Autumnal offered to PL me.

Here's autumnal on her black chocobo:

And since RDM doesn't get Red Lotus Blade, I took the opportunity to capture one of the many Red Lotus Blades that ensued.

Red Lotus Blade:

And a picture of Autumnal as she power leveled me around J-7:

Eventually I dinged PLD20 and got another job out of the dunes. Woot! So I choco'ed back to Bastok and logged there.

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