Monday, December 11, 2006

A night of farming

As I logged on this evening, I needed to decide what to do. I realized that I needed to go farm some wind clusters. I also don't really need to go check out my chocobo since she should still be sleeping away. Therefore it's off to Maze of Shakrami I go. Once there the idea is to farm 5 general things:
  1. Air Elementals (for the Wind Clusters)
  2. Carnivorous Crawlers (for the Silk Thread)
  3. Goblin Leechers (trying to track the scroll drops)
  4. Goblin Muggers (to pop the Leechers)
  5. Goblin Gamblers (to pop the Leechers)
The idea is to kill the 4 elemental spawns in the first half of the maze when the weather is up. Two upstairs and two downstairs. And kill them fast enough that you should get all 4 unless it's a really short period of weather. I've noticed three durations of weather in my years of farming these elementals. Enough for 2 kills, enough to get all 4 and enough for 2 entire rounds of 4 kills (i.e. they re-pop during the same weather). In between weathers I amuse myself killing crawlers. Mainly because the threads are so expensive and they take up little place. The gobs are to help track the types of scrolls Leechers drop. I mention this a while ago that I'd like to track them. While I'm at it, since I'm /THF, I might as well steal a few beastman coins.

For the few who will check here without actually playing the game, here's an air elemental:
And here's an elemental after it's been crispified by a Fire III spell:
Here's a Carnivorous Crawler. They tend to die real fast, this one managed to last long enough to get a good shot:
For the heck of it, while killing the elementals and goblins I decided to get the rest of the sword weaponskills recorded, like I did Burning Blade a few days ago. So without further adieu here are:

Fast Blade:
Flat Blade:
Shining Blade:
Circle Blade:
And Spirit's Within:
And the total take for the evening:
  • 22 x Wind Clusters
  • 4 x Silk Threads
  • 2 x Scrolls of Sneak
  • 2 x Silver Beastcoins
  • 1 x Poison Flour
That's it for me, catch you tomorrow.

Oh!, almost forgot, managed to craft a Power Bow for Cane. Quest item for the mog house expansion for one of his mules I suppose. Sent it to Cane, he'll figure out who it goes to.

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