Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Mog House

While I was in Windurst yesterday, I decided to get some pictures of various things in my Mog House. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but although I'm not really at the endgame stage, I am fairly high level and I've been crafting for an age. This means that although I don't have all the cool (read: expensive) end game gear, I'm reasonably well off for a level 73 Red Mage. However I'm a crafter Red Mage. This means that I try to squeeze the maximum storage out of my characters that I can. Which leads me to my mog house: It contains as much reasonable high capacity storage items as I could stuff in it. So as to maximize the storage limit while maintaining a decent sized main safe.

The implications for this, as any high level will tell you, means I have all the mannequins that I can stuff in my Mog House. One of these days I'll complete the quest that allows me to pose them as well. So without further adieu, here are most of the contents of my mog house:

Male Tarutaru Mannequin in Beach wear

Female Tarutaru Mannequin in my level 72 RSE set

Galka Mannequin in my Ogre set

Mithra Mannequin in my HQ Cuir set

Female Hume Mannequin in my Worker's set

Male Hume Mannequin in my fully signed Angler's set

Female Elvan Mannequin with some odds and ends
Male Elvan Mannequin with my mostly Rider's set (still need pants)

Now the most recent Halloween's items were some fairly cool lanterns. I picked them all up. here they are:

My lantern collection

My rank 10 penant

My fishies!

And that's a quick tour of my mog house. There's also a painting, a chocobo plaque and 6 treasure chests. The treasure chests can be seen behind the Tarutarus and the Mithra.

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