Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Test Answers, Gilfarmers and Xmas

Well the update seems to have gone smoothly. The usual suspects bitch about the changes. The rest of us rejoice. I started the evening in the highlands. Got together with Canesmule and tried to get a party going in valk. Unfortunatly the number of WHM in the dunes made this a no go. So I decided to go back to Bastok and decide what to do there. Took care of my Chocobo (got a flower from AmberStorm) . Then got toghether with Devious to do Camp Kweh. Funky. We found out that AmberStorm and WildFox would produce yellow chocobos in all likelyhood.

After taking care of the Chocobo, I subed PUP so I could check out the new paired emotes. It was excelent:

Loustic and Strangeone wave at you

Then it was off to help Jelley with her Test Answers. These were the usual horribly easy thing for me to get. I did manage to get a shot of the Sealed Portal opening. The guy waiting for someone to come by and open the portal got lucky.

Inner Horutoro Ruins Sealed Portal

The Wendigoes were nice this evening, I only got half way thru the first batch when the test answers dropped. Once we got them (for Jelley's quest) it was off to windy waters to set things up for the xmas event (and clean some things out of my mog house). Along the way I managed to spot some brand new fishing bot gilfarmers.

Try and tell me these aren't bots

I dare you

Then it was off to move the lanterns and my adventurer's certificate out of my mog house and into the event item storage guy. I also picked up what there was to pick up at the event moogle sales dude. Since I needed to get the windy tree for the event, I placed it in my MH (mog house). While I was at it I took pictures of my Chocobo Plaque and the Windurstian xmas tree.

Chocobo Plaque

Windy xmas tree

And I logged for the night.

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