Thursday, December 28, 2006

Long day but good day

Started out the day early. I decided to skillup cooking. I managed to get from 51 to 56 so only 4 more points to go and I will cap cooking at 60. Needless to say this took quite a while. While this was going on my warp cudgels final sold so I needed to do another batch. Typical mid week warp cudgel market. managed to sell 3 for 40k a piece.

Took a break then got back for the evening assault runs. We got 3 done. Two times the Ilrusi Atoll in parties of 3. This consisted mainly of running around following Thundar and keeping refresh on him. This is because the main tactic here is using Carbuncle to take care of the mimic while we move on to the next chest.

Ready for the mimics

Once the Leujaoam Sanctum one. This time with more firepower (literally since Thundar came in as RNG for this one). I've now been successful with 3 separate assaults. 2 more different ones or 7-8 more of the ones I've one and I'll be able to get to PFC.

Zoning into an assault

Then while the others went and got their coins for the Black Coffin mission, I headed directly there to wait for em. Eventually they got there. Devious had the mandatory death along the way.

The party is gathered a 2nd time

Then it was into the mission. The mission got done finally. The fight was nothing special this time. Darn mobs are horribly resistant to any form of sleep but it's all cool. I manage to keep alive while the boys kill the captain. Sleepga is great for grabbing hate even if you don't sleep the formor. This time it was a success. The Black Coffin sure is an ominous ship. Cool though.

The Black Coffin

The captain

We also get to see more of Gessho. He's the Yagudo NPC involved in the various missions in the expansion.


Poor Gessho though, he gets no respect for being the coolest Yagudo around.

Poor Gessho gets no respect

Then it was off to do the BLU AF hat fight for Devious. Again, no big problem, although the soulflayer is one funky mob.

The usual suspects

Then it was a matter of progressing through the various missions as far as possible. Which means dealing with her spikiness. The following picture should explain why we call this mithra "Her Spikiness".

Her Spikiness

I'm now able to go on Salvage runs should I wish to. I also got my pass for my first salvage run. I also had to pick up so new gear to get thru the mission. I can now look like a real hippy.

Hippy Strangeone

In parting, my only comment is that her spikiness, Naja, is a total whack job.


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Blogger Autumnal said...

yayy i just defeated Black Coffin today as well :]

i made one of these blogs as well :] i thought it'd be fun to make one too

December 30, 2006 at 8:05 a.m.  
Blogger Strangeone said...

Quick go do the rest, I've never laughed so hard!

December 30, 2006 at 12:23 p.m.  

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