Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shuffle style evening

The mid winter break over with (a good time was had at the family's), it was time to get to work during this holiday season, while the free time is plentiful.

I got on wanting to get some avatars done. No go, everyone was too busy doing stuff already. We'll try to do that tomorrow. Mainly the entire time was spent doing the item shuffle and a bit of production crafting and AH'ing stuff. Got the GP points for the day (Poison Cesti x 5).

Decided to retire AmberStorm as there was no real progress on the stats front of any type. This will make place for another chocobo to be raised in the future. Going to try for a green bird by mating Amber with a green chocobo. But not for a while. We'll see how it goes. Weirdly enough got a 2nd plaque as well as the expected VCS card for AmberStorm. Don't know if they give a plaque for every chocobo, or if it's due to having raised both chocobos in different stables.

On my way to Windurst

2nd Chocobo Plaque

Ended up logging for the evening in windy after putting the latest plaque in the mog house.

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