Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Crafting followed by Avatar runs

I started off the day crafting quite a bit. I got to 80 alchemy. Worked on my cooking skill and got 51. Noticed a level 2 besieged was about to start. Just made it there in time to start the besieged. Went well, only got .1 dagger skillup but did get 400 exp/is.

For the few who turn in and don't know all the details of how FFXI works, the above statement will seem quite chuck full of jargon. It is, it is. Here's a little explanation on the content of the above paragraph:

Crafting is an activity that exists in most MMORPGs. This usually involves the combining of various in game items in order to produce a new desired in game item. See the post a few days ago about making warp clubs as an example. In FFXI's case the recipe's are fixed but the results can vary. Also in FFXI a synonym for crafting is Synthing. Since the act of crafting in FFXI is called Synthesis. So when people talk about synthing, synthesis and stuff like that they are referring to crafting.

Now crafting is usually divided up into various crafts. For example: woodworking or smithing. In the game every player character has a skill in these crafts. it starts at 0 and can go up to 100. However you can only have 40 points spread amongst all your crafts that are above 60 points. So you could have 2 crafts at 80 and the rest would have to be 60 or bellow (fishing is the exception it's allowed to go to 100 independent of the rest of the crafts).

Having established that there is a stat associated with a particular craft you would want to know about getting that stat up. In each craft there is a progression of synths that are successively more difficult. This is indicated by their "cap". The cap on a synth is the skill level you must match or be higher than in order not to get "skill-ups" doing that synth. The idea being that in order to progress a crafting skill, you must actually craft. You can only attempt to craft items who's caps are at most 10 points higher than your current skill. Each time you do so you are given a chance at getting fractions of a skill point.

This leads us to two different types of crafting activities: "Skill-up" crafting and "For Profit" crafting. You would normally only craft things you could make a profit crafting. Or because the item isn't available any other way. But in order to get to the specific synths that can result in lots of profit, you usually need to raise your crafting skill as far above that synth's cap as practicable. This raises the chances that you will 'HQ' the synth, thus getting an even more desirable item, or greater quantities of the item (depends on the specific synth). Since the raising of these stats is for the most part a permanent change, most people are willing to spend a bit of gill in order to raise their skill. So a lot of the crafting on the way to whatever level you're going for in a particular craft is done at a loss. also note that at levels 51 and 81 things get much harder to progress.

This same "stat" system is used to control weapon usage. Each weapon type in the game has an associated skill. Each job class can progress at different rates and to different values of these stats. In my case my dagger skill tops out at 240 at level 73 on my Red Mage (RDM) job. In the game parlance we say that RDM has a B skill level in Dagger. Looking this up in various published tables will allow us to find out that at level 73 the maximum value I could get for the Dagger stat when playing RDM is 240. I'm somewhere in the 237's as we speak. You'll notice I was happy to get a +0.1... You'll ask yourself: Why bother? the answer is that being able to hit things is calculated based upon a a relation between your calculated attach value and the monster's calculated defense value. You'll also note that we tend to fight monsters that are significantly higher in level than we are.

This means that to even HIT the damn mobs we go after we need all the stats we can get and usually equip special equipment to boost our chances to hit things. But maxing out your skill is a free way to increase your ability to hit things so you want to do it for the weapons you use most frequently. Now most damage dealer type jobs (DD) tend to get to their cap as part and parcel of their exp'ing activities. Not so with Red Mage. Those of us who pursue that calling tend to have to get our combat skills while pursuing other activities (Since those whinny DD's tend to get prissy if you actually fight as a Red Mage in an experience party).

Besieged is an activity that happens every so often where beastmen (a type of intelligent monster race) try to attack the district of Al Zahbi in Aht Urghan to gain possession of something called the Astral Candescence. Follow the links for detailed explanation of besieged. All that's important to understand is that as a level 73 character who has un-capped stats the most important thing for me is skilling up my combat skills during a besieged event. Once they get capped I'll worry about joining a party/alliance and actively try to win a besieged.

Later on I organized two avatar runs. They both went very well. Scab, Devious, Thundar, Isyan and I were the people involved. Both runs went well although Isyan did buy it during the fight with Garuda. It was wind day when we did that fight. I am once again awesomely impressed by the powers of bar- spells. When the avatar 2h's I usually don't even loose my stoneskin.

Once that was done with, we planned out some Assaults tGoing to visit Ms Garuda

Once that was done with, we planned out some Assaults tomorrow. Then I went and got my Moon Bauble. I'm only one fight away from getting Fluffy!

Moon Bauble

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Anonymous Devious said...

Don't forget haveing a stat monkey(Bard & Corsair) with you can also aid in accuracy.

December 28, 2006 at 10:59 a.m.  
Blogger Strangeone said...

True True :)

December 28, 2006 at 11:54 a.m.  

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