Monday, January 01, 2007

The dunes...

I logged on just outside Selbina. So dunes it was. Ok party. We started off with me tanking but the PLD took offence, so I said I'd backup tank. That worked much better (not so much for me but to keep the peace in the party). Was a pretty smooth party all round. Except for some leechers the puller pulled in. The one I was tanking we killed, the one Quaigonjinn was tanking... not so good, (darn thing Cure III'ed 2 times):

Ah, Dunes sand, tasty!

In the end though I got my level and a buffer. So I'm now a level 18 BLU. I also managed to get Cursed Sphere. The fly move I needed to get. So over all a pretty good session, though short. I was feeling meh-ish. So I went back to the gate near Selbina and logged there once again.

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