Saturday, January 06, 2007

Quests and ODS

I started off the day with the idea of doing some quests. But first I needed to move stuff around my mules. As I'm wandering from mog house to auction house, I get a tell from a player called Jinxed. I soon find out that /nameless to protect the guilty/ is back in the game. His previous character got sold. So unfortunately he has to start from scratch. I give him a pearl and all is well.

Then I run into one of the types of people who play online games who really do need to go see a psychotherapist. Luve is a 75MNK/37NIN Tarutaru either likes messing with people or is whacked in the head. I don't know about you but anyone who declares their love for you after meeting your char for all of 2 minutes is a little emotionally unstable. Especially when they complain that their previous bf lied to them about many things. Followed by very weak attempts at emo manipulation. Shades of Cinnamonlips no thank you.

After that very weird episode, I decided to do the new years event. After talking with Devious, I proceeded to do the event. He was quite right the watercolor you get is by far one of the best furnishings you could get. As far as looks anyways.

This new year's event furnishing

I logged soon after that, but came back on later that same evening. This time it was to find out that an ODS run was being organized. This is a KS30 BCNM at the Waughroom Shrine in Palborough Mines. It involves a fight against 6 scorpions. Hence it's name: Operation Desert Swarm. Eventually we got it underway. There are two main ways to do this BCNM. The first involves mana burning the mobs. The second involves people soloing the mobs in areas away from each other so as to no get any AOE damage from other scorpions. A little shaky on the first run, but otherwise fine. 5 runs, only 1 death no losses. Scab got the Katana that dropped on my run. Otherwise it was so so drops up until the last run when Yasmine got some fine drops like the V-Claw and stuff.

As a side note. It's not a good idea to go AFK with Thundar and Scab in the area. (I'll upload a short clip once I can find some editing software to cut it down to size).

I logged soon after that it being very late.

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