Monday, January 08, 2007

Assault, Salvage, Key farming

I started the evening off with the acquisition of the Fire and Water tunning forks. That way when there are any avatar runs I'll be ready. Then it was off to an assault run. After a bit of confusion due to Scab thinking that Assault took all the points from a particular Assault area instead of just 2k points from a particular area. We went on the Leujaoam Cleansing assault mission.

Start of the Leujaoam Cleansing run

This started out well enough and we were ripping along but people got over confidant and an attack in the last room went ahead without checking for adds (they got too far ahead of me and the bards). We could have won after the first 3 deaths but then people got a little over anxious resulting in more deaths. Even with a chain raise for that we were already too far behind the 8 ball. We failed on the before last worm finally. Moral of the story: Don't get ahead of your sleepers. Make sure they are in position BEFORE you start pounding.

After that it was time for another Salvage run. I think this will become our usual Sunday night fare. My social LS is slowly morphing into a Social/Assault/Salvage LS. This can be good or bad. Good because we DO need more people. Bad depending on the type of people. We'll see in the long run how people fit in.

So After making sure I had all the right items, it was off to Bhaflau Remnants. I took the usual Bhaflau Thickets to Alzadaal Undersea Ruins route. Note to self: get the damn map to this place. Once at the entrance point to the salvage run, I waited while I made my portion of the hi potions. Note to self: next time take a picture of the thing above the door.

The door to Bhaflau Remnant

We were off to our usual start. There were a bunch of no-shows so we were once again reduced to a farming run. We went West at the start this time. Please note that this has the consequence of blocking off a portion of the Remnants. We've come to the conclusion that going east is good when you have a mage heavy party, but going west is good when it's a melee heavy party. This is mainly due to the mobs available.

The usual start - naked

The usual progression thanks to Isyan's leadership is Biffrons till 3-4 weapons unlocked and some HP/MP-> Wamouracamps for a bit of armor -> Wamouras (flying type) for some magic/job abilities -> wipe the floor. Mind you at about the half way point it started going a little more roughly. Namely Thundar accidentally used his firefly. This is a bad idea as it boots you from the run. Lesson learned. We also lost Bonoandedge for a while to his dinner. During this period, we managed to learn that a RDM with his spells HP/MP and a weapon make the absolute best tank in terms of not needing to be healed. Phalanx totally owns the first floor. This has the implications that one of the first orders of business is for any salvage run to unlock their RDM's magic as soon as feasible as we make the perfect link handler/healer for once the hi-potions are gone. The first floor is also weak enough that the melee/tanks need to wean themselves of the desire for utsusemis. They do not need these on the first floor once a WHM or RDM has his magic back. Sure the casting needs to be unlocked by the 2nd floor but not on the first. Casters need to be a priority over any utsusemi. Magic is just 10 times more flexible than shadows.

Once most of the equipment has been unlocked

The run ended without very many drops or NM's encountered. This was our 3rd run as a team and the post run hash session was much more animated than the first two. The main complaint Devious and Scab had was felling useless for a farming run with a small party. Loath as I am to leave any ls member out from activities, they do have a point that if they aren't feeling like they will contribute, it's not fun for them. It was pretty much agreed that till we get more people and necessitate 2 bards for a run, they might be better off alternating weeks and save their assault points. We're at the point were we need to do a bit more research and start putting together a plan of attack with the objective of getting to the gears and stuff. We're starting to get our feet under us in there, but there are things to improve: We need to use the people that are not un-gimped early in the run as scouts. We need to improve the point at which we decide to move on. we definitely need to unlock some stats by the 2nd floor.

Note to Devious and Scab: you may still both get drafted if we're short on personnel for a full 6 person run. But such is life in a small linkshell. Oh and everyone feel free to use the comments section here to continue any post run hashing.

After that it was off to the Crawler's Nest for me to help with Jelley's AF key farming. We only got a bit of farming done (I forgot my /THF) before we needed to log for the night. But I've discovered why Jelley keeps complaining about her soloing ability: She doesn't have Drain/Aspir like she should at this level and she has no soloing armor set. This is one of those situations where the blazing speed with which she is leveling is having it's consequences. This game is set up to really limit your options if you don't pay attention to gear and character development.

Key farming in the CN

One of the reasons I go on these farming runs is that it allows me to work on my Sapara of trials. I still plan on unlocking Savage Blade before resuming leveling. Not that I wouldn't help out even if this wasn't the case, but it's always nice to have a 2nd reason to go.

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Anonymous Devious said...

I think most of the hashing is done, most of the runs I was lucky to get a weapon unlocked before the second level or magic in the less than 30 minute mark. For me it's cool and neat to see, but there is nothing for me in it right now usefullness wise or prize wise( Since all of super armors cost a forutune to put together*11.6m at current prices not including the gold coins*, I know it's cheap in the eyes of some but a lot to me)
Only thing I would add is after one or two of the basics is unlocked, maybe having the people lot on the last monster while fighting the next one may speed the process up a bit. I know everyone gets excited to see thier abilities returned, but a quarter to a half of the time in Salvage seems to be spent standing and talking about the droped items.

January 8, 2007 at 11:48 a.m.  
Blogger Strangeone said...

Yep I was getting this impression from you ans Scab. I do think that keeping you both in the loop and going on the occasional run would be a good thing though. Since as stated , once we start going for the bosses we'll be needing you. Not to mention getting your input on ways to maximize your presence in the early going, when you do go on runs. Not to mention try out the occasional insane idea.

One thing I like about these runs is that we all have to work outside the box at the start. The wiki has very detailed mob placment maps for the first few levels. Having gone on a few runs now it might pay for us to hash over their findings and matching it up with our own.

January 9, 2007 at 12:11 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salvage is really fun and I'm sure it will be incredibly fun once I have a useful job to bring. Ninja, yes please!

January 9, 2007 at 7:27 p.m.  

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