Thursday, January 11, 2007

Capping Cooking

Early in the day, I do a bit of AH shuffling. While this is happening, I manage to find the NPC that plays back the missions you're been on. I immediately instruct him to play back various missions so I can get some good screen shots:

Naja is sooooo vain

The King of Hearts goes Yoda on a poor puppet

Level Up

Comparing notes with Gessho

Ouch that's gotta hurt

Later in the evening, it was time for my 3 point plan. Namely Get to 60 Cooking while waiting for Thundar and Isyan to free themselves up from the Tenzen fight. Do some Assault runs. And help Jelley progress her AF.

About to start another Assault run

That's pretty much the way things went. With just a quick side track to go raise Madness (and give him some yag potions to get rid of them). Skilled up on Yaggudo Drinks so my Cooking is now capped at 60, the 3rd of my crafting skills to cap out. Did 3 Ilrusi Atoll runs (Still no PFC). Got the Tavnazian Bell off of the first mob (Jelley has horse shoes).

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