Friday, January 12, 2007

Helping out with AF

Well this evening was one of helping out with the AF needs of the LS. Well mainly Jelley since she's the only one currently cruising through the AF stages. We went to Beadeaux and pretty much died on the first pull. RDM are resilient but not when we get behind the MP curve against 3 quadav near the dome zone. So Jelley re-raises and things go much smoother from that point on. Krolm eventually reaches us. We get the key and then take a break.

Once Devious frees himself up from Besieged, we head off to Castle Zvahl Baileys. There Jelley, Krolm, Devious and I take care of Dark Spark (poor guy never really had a chance). And once I got to Aht Urghan, that was it for me for the night. Colds suck.

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