Sunday, January 14, 2007

COR, Subanna/Heather

I started the day off with a quick session where I had to death warp and book it to windy walls. The main reason for all this hurry was to get Subanna a world pass so that she might get back in the game. Having decided to re-start from scratch that is. So I managed to get a Gold world pass as I was aware that this was going to be a brand new account. Don't bother trying the number, it's been used as you'll see later.

Gold world pass

Later on it was back to the dunes and I managed to get to 20. Like pulling teeth but it's now done. Nothing special to report. Just your usual dunes party.

After re-equipping for bard and doing a bit of crafting for Autumnal I thought that I had logged for the evening. But no, I get a message on MSN indicating that Subanna created her char and was back in the game. So in I go to go give her a pearl. She's now called Heather.

Introducing Heather

So now in 40 days we should be able to get the funky hats. This time I managed to log for the night.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA HA I was just wondering if I was going to be mentioned on here. Srry about that night you know where you had to log back on. But Thanks


February 12, 2007 at 6:50 p.m.  

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