Sunday, January 21, 2007

Latent of my Sapara of Trials

What started off as a slow evening ended up pretty good. I started by going for some harvesting. Barely started that when I got a call to come help Thundar get his SAM weapon skill NM. This ended up being Thundar, Bradley, Autumnal, Devious, Lone and myself. Poor nm never stood a chance.

Then Autumnal and I got her Kuftal Map from a key that dropped while we were bored waiting for the party to assemble. That done with we got to work on some weapons skills. Autumnal and I trading off on the Fusion SC. Eventually she had to leave and I managed to break my latent with a few more SC with Devious. At one point it was the most over powered skill chain/skill up party you've ever seen.

We also discussed getting Devious to use up some of his seals. He needs Utsusemi Ni and he's sitting on over 1000 seals. Translation: we need to do some Worms Turn. Lots of em.

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