Monday, January 29, 2007

Harvest, Assault and Savage Blade


I started the day late. Since people were busy doing things I continued doing some harvesting. Then I got the call for a single Assault run. This was one of the smoothest assault runs I've ever been on. Devious, Thundar and Vexen (or something like that), needed a new RDM. Their previous DD bailed before the last run and Vexen went to change from DD to RDM. Only 1 aggro and we got the mission done withing 20 minutes. Most excelent.

Also the ??? Necklace that dropped turned out to be a Spectacles. This is currently going for 400k on the AH but since I've always wanted one, I decided to buy out the rest of the people. So I gave 100k to each of the other 3 and I now have my Spectacles.


Very happy with my evening (short though it was), I logged for the evening.


We had talked about doing a Savage Blade run today. But it was late when I got on, and Autumnal (who also needs it) was not on at all. Cane also hasn't broken his latent on his Sapara. So I figured we wouldn't actually go on any run.

However the run itself involves the Altepa Gate. This is a little more tricky as it involves clicking 4 column scattered over inaccessible places in Western Altepa Desert. Then running to a specific gate and getting through it before it closes. Neither Devious nor Thundar knew the exact route, so I printed the instructions out and we set of to "reconnoiter" the route. We then proceed to wander about the desert and the associated Quicksand Caves. Homing in on the various columns we need to examine. Since we were only 3, we did it in the following order: Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz and finally Ruby. During the run around we actually managed to go through the eye of a tornado. Very funky. Topaz and Ruby were already clicked by someone else and we ran to the gate and got thru the gate. A quick zig zag later and we were in the room with the ??? for savage blade.

Heading for the eye

Well we're here. And we know we're good. So Thundar tells Devious to start pulling mobs in the room. Sure enough we clear out the room post haste. The mobs being only DC means they went down like ten pins to the Monk/Bard/Red Mage trio (poor poor Atticans). I then popped Girtablulu, the Scorpion NM for Savage Blade. This was obviously a longer fight. With me laying on the full layers of debuffs and Devious alternating between double marching Thundar and double ballade-ing me. With me hasting and healing Thundar. Soon enough the NM fell. I got my Annals of Truth key item and it was off to San D'Oria for my weapons skill.

After the usual airship waits, I made it to the Chateaux and got my Weapon Skill.

Savage Blade is now Mine. I now have all the main weapons skills a red mage can get (I think, I'll need to check club).

Savage Blade

After that I headed off to bed. Well satisfied with my weekend.

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